Youth camp Don’t Stop 2009…as I promised)))English version

You know, this year’s camp was not just cool! He was the best!

250 young people gathered on the shore of the Azov Sea in the village Sopino for a good  holiday for spirit, soul and body.

They managed not only to relax!

The theme of the camp was -the  TEAM!

Organizers have set themselves a goal, because saw the fragmentation of youth not only in Donetsk church, but also within the organizational team.

But the Lord made a miracle! «Not only the organizers rallied the team that seemed impossible. All 10 teams have become families, there was not one single person, all talked, relaxed, had a good time around the campfire, they sang different songs, and on the  last night, everyone sang even songs for children))) So everyone was happy and well.

Big game this year failed to glory!

There was enough extreme and humility, the job of team unity, silence, and the  HOUSE! (For all who do not know, abandoned house, which was the stage of RESCUEing members of their team … spent that station in the darkness. The first team started at 15.30, the last returned at 22. 20. It was fun!

During this camp we heard so many testimonies! God miraculously not only healed the people, solve their problems, but also helped in the entering and graduation of the university, miraculously saved many lives and brought people to repentance. One guy has repented in this camp. Many lives have changed.

There was also a talent competion which was held for the youth could realize thier creative potential- Don’t Stop have talents-it was called!

I would like to point out that such a contest we had held in the year before the last one and then it passed pretty dull. This year, boys and girls showed that Christians have serious talents. The owner of the Grand Prix- Sazonova Anastasia won a free ticket to the next Don’t Stop, as well as special prizes from Pastor Leonid Padun and his wife Yuliya.

Pastor Leonid was in camp the last two days, talked with the youth until one night around the campfire, played chess, conducted the service. It was a huge blessing for all the young people.

On Sunday, during the service, there was an engagement of one of  the organizers of the camp, who is responsible for the creative part — Itkin Anton and a wonderful girl from Mariupol — Vasil’chenko Olesya. The whole camp blessed them, friends have prepared a surprise to them, resulting in the song «I am caring with love», became a hit for all the camp organizers. )))

On the last night, many people were awarded special prizes for the activity in the events, and was determined winning team at the camp …. The team with the red bracelets — Komunalka!

This team was distinguished by the fact that they showed incredible unity and creativity in presentation teams, as well as in the main event of the camp — Big game. Team Captain — Krizhanovskaya Anna really considered seriously her rank and led her team to victory, with optimism, support and encouragement, even when they do not perform any task. The team completed the Big game in 4 hours!

On the day of departure all the young people was in a sad mood, because these 7 days were for many of them the best days of the year. It was not just a cool holiday!


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