I Know my Redeemer lives…

In these words I express my full trust in Him!

You see…we had such a nice conference during this weekend and God touched my heart so much…it was not word that just makes everything sweet….the fear of God came upon me and the fera of people left me alone!

During quite a great deal of my time I’ve been asking — Why I can’t simply come into Your presence, LOrd, and at once feel You beside me…Why?

And I understood…that I cared SO much about the people’s opinion of me, and I was afraid to dissappoint someone, that someone won’t like what I’m saying… and so on

But why on earth I must have cared what PEOPLE thought about me when I didn’t much pay attention and care what God did. I just didn’t think about that!

And now I know…I must be fully sincere to God in everything that I’m doing, feeling, thinking, saying, though He see everything, IIIIIII must tell privately to Him, and trust ,,,,really TRUST HIM all my life…

He is so amazing, he is Good and Great God,,, He is Holy, I can’t help repeating that HE is HOLY!HE is so wonderful, tremendous, amazing , exciting, GREAT!

Thank you Lord!…..thanksCBR001191


I Know my Redeemer lives…: 2 комментария

    1. ичего особенного не делала…опубликовывала интересующие людей статьи и результат-посещаемость была до 200 чел в день

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